Sunday, January 31, 2010


This dried bush is a metphor for this time of year. It has long dried out and stopped being green and growing much as we are in winter. The true hope is that what we are and what this bush will be continues so that in the spring it and us will return in all our glory and once again be alive, vibrant and productive. The cycle of life. The cycle of us.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nature's highway

Today I had to take some photos near my home.  In order to get one view I had to climb a mountain west of my house that was covered with very deep snow.  I found a game trail that had been packed fairly hard with the daily trek of many beasts going to and coming from the river.  It was almost like walking on a sidewalk it was so hard.  Nice.

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J.D. Salinger died this week in New Hampshire. He was 91. Famous for writing the best coming of age book ever, "Catcher in the Rye," I think that I remember him more not for what he wrote but what was written about him. I am not going to repeat the stories here. You can look them up yourself. But this points out the fact that sometimes we are not remembered by the things we have done. We are remembered by the things that other people remember about us. Our legacy. Our history. Our legend. To remember Salinger the most we should be ourselves. Follow our own muse. Do our own thing. And the rest of the world can be damned.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I have lived in this house for nearly twenty years. It is like an old shoe and is very comfortable. This winter for the first time I have noticed that I can tell if it snowed overnight by just listening without ever leaving the warmth of my bed. Not by the light sound of snow flakes falling and hitting ground. Not by the wind buffering up against the north wall. I can tell if it snowed when I can hear the state snow plows on Highway 9 that stretches from Kremmling to Canon City and runs about fifty yards from my house. Most of the time I can hear the plows every thirty minutes or so but I can even tell the snow depth as they drive by more often. I think that those of us who can taste, feel, see, smell and hear sometimes discount the gift of our senses. All we have to do is quiet ourselves and just listen. Listen to the snowplows on a cold January morning in Colorado's High Country.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


From Global Post this morning: "A government minister in Italy has suggested a new law that would make children leave home when they are 18. Although the law is unlikely to be introduced, it has started a political debate on older offspring who live at home."

I teach Sociology and that is a recent phenomenon. It is common with the millennium generation. (1980-2010) Children will graduate from high school, go to college and get their degree and then move back home, rent free, and live with their parents for the rest of their lives.

Money for nothing. Nice job if you can get it. It is as if they never grow up and move away. I am sure that you all have your own stories.

I bring this up in my class all the time and I can see the anxiety spread over the faces of my students. Busted. I have been had. My goodness someone has actually discovered what we are doing and is now writing and teaching about the children who never leave home.

Of course the parents kind of like having the kids back home forever because when they left mom and dad discovered they really did not like each other and had only stayed together for the kids in the first place.

Did that hit home or what?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


One of the main positive impacts today is our information age. It is so very easy to communicate with thousands of people with just one keystroke. But at the same time there are issues with telling the truth. With the ease of communication it gets easier to not tell the truth. To lie. To exaggerate. Some are masters at not telling the truth. I get several e mails a day that are out and out lies. Things that were never true but unfortunately people would rather believe the lie than to check to see if it is true. My best tool is It is a website that does nothing more than tell you if something is true or not. If they say it is true then they explain why it is true. If it is not true then they explain why it is not true. They even have a category for mostly true or partially true. The next time Uncle Charlie sends you an e mail about how congress passed a law making breathing illegal you can check it out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A couple of my students got engaged over the weekend. He is a former Army paratrooper and served in Iraq for a couple of tours. Nice guy. She is a life long native of Summit County and kind of a pistol. She has more energy than anyone I have ever seen. Last week they jumped out of a perfectly good airplane in Longmont together. Great metaphor for getting married. Jumping from a very safe place into the great unknown.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I was listening to an interview this morning on the Bob Edwards Show on XM/PR (XM the satellite radio network/Public Radio) of Peter Ames Carlin who wrote a biography of Paul McCartney titled, Paul McCartney: A life. I have not read the book but it sounds very interesting and complete.

The Guinness Book of Records calls McCartney "the Most Successful Musician Ever." His song "Yesterday" has also been called the most successful song ever. I always wonder about such statements especially after Michael Jackson "The King of Pop" and Elvis Presley "The King of Rock and Roll." But who am I to judge.

The author pointed out something that I already knew. Most successful Rock and Roll guitarists can only play three cords. Check it out. Even if you can't read music you can watch their hands and see that they only use three positions on the guitar. Of course that is not true of all guitar players. John and Paul only used three cords but George Harrison could actually play the guitar. I am sure that Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton can/could play the guitar.

I lived in England for several years during the early 1960s and never heard of the Beatles. I guess that was during their German phase.

They came to the United States in the early 1960s shortly before I came back to New York City. I remember them being on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 and a year later in 1965 I was part of their security at their Shea Stadium Concert. My post was on top of the dugout near where they came out onto the field so I had a front row seat. It is easy to spot me on the old films but I am only a dot in the history. I bore my friends with pointing at the screen saying that the dot is me. I am sure they are impressed. What I do remember of the concert was you could not hear the music because the yelling was so loud.

So our paths crossed I guess.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sometimes I think that I gravitate toward the strange and unusual.
Or maybe the strange and unusual gravitate toward me.
This morning I woke up to a report on the BBC that a French official was accusing the United States of invading and occupying Haiti.
She said that the United States had deposed the legal government of Haiti and had forcefully taken over the country.
She used as an example two French relief aircraft who were denied landing privileges in Haiti.
I think that is just shows that it is not just the wackos in the United States who have unfounded conspiracy theories.
I get daily updates on UFO sightings too and I think I will put this one in that folder.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sometimes I just want to scratch my head. We have now raised many millions of dollars for aid to the people of Haiti and yet this morning I heard a report about how families stood in line for two days for food and water and were given a packet of cookies and a bottle of water. There is something wrong with this picture.

Friday, January 22, 2010


There are some days I just don't know what to say.

First Massachusetts, then health care, then the banks, and to top it off we still have Haiti.

Before I forget, I just read that George Clooney and Leonardo De Caprio are each giving $1 million before the telethon tonight. Buy a lot of tickets to their movies.

A commentator this morning said it best.

The Republicans do not have a plan to do anything.

The Republicans do not have an agenda for good.

The Republicans only have one thing on their mind.

Oppose any and all things proposed by President Obama and the Democrats.

Be contrarian.

Good strategy as the commentator also mentioned by not standing for anything then there is nothing to attack.

Once they came out with a legislative agenda they would probably be attacked by their fellow Republicans.

When you don't do anything there is nothing to attack.

On the flip side the Democrats would not know how to come together on any agenda.

The gang that could not shoot straight.

A ship of fools.

Support each other is not on their agenda.

Being selfish is on their agenda.

Having a personal agenda that trumps the party agenda is the thing to do.

I think I will go take a nap.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Here are some good words to live by. Sir Walter Scott , in Canto VI, Stanza 17 of "Marmion" (1808) an epic poem about the Battle of Flodden Field in 1513 wrote, "''Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." Simply put, you are better off telling the truth regardless of the consequences and not ever lying.

I always like John Edwards and thought that he was a stand up guy. He is very smart and articulate and in the field of idiots we had to choose from he was heads above most. And then he crumbled to the point where he has now admitted to fathering a child with his girlfriend a couple of years ago.

Must have something to do with the Carolinas.

Republican Mark Sanford in South Carolina and now Democrat John Edwards in North Carolina.

The spin doctors who do damage control professionally will tell their clients that when you get caught with your pants down in the wrong place with the wrong woman, admit the sin and move on with your life. Never, ever spin a tale that you cannot get out of later.

This actually started with the Tylenol scare many years ago. Tylenol was told to come clean immediately, which they did, and then life goes on.

The same day we saw pictures of Tiger Woods allegedly walking around the grounds of a sex rehabilitation center in Mississippi wearing a hoodie and looking like he was hiding. And people wonder why he would not talk to the police. He knew that he had two choices. To tell the truth or lie. He decided to do neither.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The outcome of the senate race in Massachusetts was no surprise.

Two things are very evident in every election.
The pendulum always keeps swinging.
One election it swings to the right and the next election it swings to the left.

The other thing is revolt.
Our country was founded on revolt.
Revolt against the sitting government.
It started that way and will end that way.

My fear is that someday people will be so happy with the majority party that they will no longer revolt.
It is at that point that our wonderful country will end.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


From a news feed this morning from the New York Times.

Citigroup Reports a $1.6 Billion Loss in 2009
Even as it untangles itself from the federal government,
Citigroup has shown few signs of a quick recovery. On
Tuesday, the banking giant announced its second consecutive
yearly loss.

The bank said that it lost about $1.6 billion in 2009 --
after a $18.72 billion loss the year before. It also reported
$7.6 billion loss in the fourth quarter, the result of a
$10.1 billion accounting charge tied to the repayment of its
bailout money, which ended any chance of a profit. Last year,
the bank had a fourth quarter loss of $8.29 billion or a
$1.72 a share.

Again. Darwin was right. We should not have bailed out anyone and just let them sink or swim on their own.

What's a mother to do?

Monday, January 18, 2010


From just before Christmas to this morning we have been having a ton of natural and man made disasters. The one this morning is that the government buildings in Afghanistan were attacked and blown up. The attackers had bombs strapped to their bodies so they shot their way as close as they could and then the blew themselves up. The issue was the naming of a cabinet to comply with sanctions from the west prior to a meeting this week. I think of the the saying from the bible, "Wars and rumors of wars." A little bit for everyone. Earthquakes and a corrupt government in Haiti and war and a shaky government in Afghanistan. We always used to say that plane crashes occurred in threes. Now we can say that disasters occur in tens or hundreds. When will this madness end? And for all of you conspiracy theorists, it is not anyone's fault. No one in their wildest dreams could ever make all of this happen. Unless you want to believe Pat Robertson and his pact with the devil theory. Maybe it is Pat Robertson's fault. (smiling)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I watched an interview on a local Colorado TV station of a young student from Haiti. He had a warning. He said that none of the relief money should go to the Haitian government because it would not be used for food, water or construction projects. The money would go directly into the pockets of the corrupt Haitian officials. He cited relief efforts in the past in Haiti when the world opened their pocket books only to have the money line the pockets of the rich and never got to the poor. He suggested that non-Haitian relief groups directly provide food and water to the people and not send it through the government. He said the government would not give it to the people but would sell it for a profit. He said that any projects should be contracted to non-Haitian contractors from foreign countries to avoid the corruption. I would like to see everyone give as much as you possibly can to the relief agencies as soon as possible but at the same time try to influence where the money will go once it ends up in Haiti. Let the relief agencies know as well as your federal elected officials know to keep the money away from the government and to give it directly to the people. The priorities should be providing food and water immediately. Then we need to build water storage and treatment plants followed by modern sewer systems. Last but not least roads need to be built so the country can rebuild quickly. Haiti is on an island shared by the Dominican Republic. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere while the Dominican Republic prospers next door. The difference is corruption.


My blog took the day off yesterday. I was at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club. I have been on the board for many years and we meet four times a year. Saving the world. Keeping the air and water clean. I am the chairman of the Legislative Committee so I guess I am in charge of keeping the lawmakers clean. Pointed in the right direction in favor of saving the planet and not saving the local polluters. I am sure the people in Haiti would like clean water and clean air. Although they may not care if their water is clean. It may be enough just to have any water.

Friday, January 15, 2010


After five weeks of not teaching, school started again this week.
I spent the five weeks basically doing nothing so this week has been a real treat.
I have three classes with 65 students so far.
Three nights, three days, three classes and I get to talk for three hours in each class.
The energy level must have been high because I had lunch with Gary Severson at the Log Cabin in Frisco.
I hired Gary many years ago and a couple of weeks ago he retired.
Two old retired guys sitting in a restaurant drinking coffee.
A Norman Rockwell moment.
Get the picture.
We has just about run out of things to talk about and another old friend Jim Hudson came over and joined us.
That was good for another hour.
Jim had a stroke recently, went blind, had an operation and can see again.
He is almost 90.
Gary and I immediately felt so very young in our 60s as Jim relived the past 80 years of his life.
Later in the week I had lunch with my good friend Bill Wallace, retired math teacher, retired county commissioner and now county treasurer.
Bill and I were County Commissioners together and we used to slay dragons.
34 years ago Bill's wife at the time was my secretary when I worked in the Office of the District Attorney.
Bill also taught with my sister-in-law Anne at the high school.
Old times.
A new week.
Life is good

Thursday, January 14, 2010


This whole thing in Haiti is so upsetting.
There are nine million citizens in Haiti and there could be as many as 500,000 or more deaths.
The epicenter was in the dead center of the capitol where the greatest population density occurs.
I talked about the event in my World History class and explained all the ways that someone could help from texting dollars on your cell phone ($10 million yesterday) to donating money to the Red Cross and other aid agencies.
In a few days they will let people actually go there to clean up and rebuild.
I talked about churches doing things last night and one of my students who is a Christian said, "You can't work your way into heaven."
Blew me away.
I retorted that it is not working your way into heaven.
It is giving.
It is caring.
It is loving.
It is showing compassion.
And yes, we do know what Jesus would do.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Colorado State Legislature convenes today.
Hide your children and move your money to an off shore bank.
Actually this year the warning is mute.
The only way they can do harm is to have money or a source for money.
This year neither are possible.
They are not only broke.
They are very broke.
Way over one billion dollars broke.
In the hole.
They are broke because they did not have a savings plan.
They had a spending plan.
The rainy day came and there is no rainy day fund.
After they spent their money they started spending their children's money and then their grandchildren's money.
Maybe a fourth generation?
I think their agenda this year is to decide which programs to cut rather than what new programs they can create.
It is time to pull the collective belt.
It is time to go on a diet.
I even heard yesterday that they are seriously considering cutting the length of the session.
No money.
No session.
It almost sounds good.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Having been unemployed a few times in my life, my heart goes out to those who are unemployed now in this economy.
It is almost a hopeless situation.
We hear every day about how the economy is turning around yet for those without a job it is meaningless.
It must mean a positive thing for the bankers and the insurance companies who got huge sums of stimulus money and are now paying out million dollar bonuses.
There is something wrong with this picture.
The unemployment numbers remain at 10% but Wall Street keeps improving while millions of people can't find a job.
The money is going somewhere but apparently not to create jobs.
At the same time we seem to find enough money to wage war in two different countries while we continue to consider starting a new war in a new country.
What a mess.

Monday, January 11, 2010


It was reported this morning by the folks who monitor such things that President Obama is now the most effective president ever in the history of the United States. The second most effective was Lyndon Johnson and third was Dwight Eisenhower. This is based on the passage of legislation when the president strongly supported the issue. Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were not in the running.

Another report included the fact that the Obama administration had actually killed more of the higher leadership of Alqaeda and the Taliban in the past year than in the previous eight years under the previous administration. That is the good news. The bad news is that they feel that is one of the reasons for the recent upswing in terrorist attacks in Detroit and against the CIA in Afghanistan. They were not being killed before so they did not retaliate.

Another report talked about how an American Army Major who was a Medical Doctor was recruited to shoot up the clinic at Fort Hood.

The bomber in Afghanistan killing the CIA officers was also a Medical Doctor who was actually working for the CIA as a double agent and was a distant member of the royal family in Jordon. The failed bomber on the plane in Detroit was an outstanding engineering school graduate from one of the best schools in England.

They all came from very good families and were highly thought of in their professions.

They did not live in tents in the desert.

We are not dealing with the stupid, dirty, smelly, alley rat anymore.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Will Rogers once said, "I don't belong to an organized party. I am a Democrat." I wonder what he would think today.

People are quitting right and left. Loyalties are falling by the wayside. People are putting their petty issue in front of the ability to do the right thing. The word chaos keeps running through my mind.

And the whole time the Republicans (or most of them) are sitting on the sidelines smiling and thinking that they told us so.

The only way you will ever get in trouble in life is to try to do something good. People come out of the woodwork to attack you. People go out of their way to cast stones.

Regardless of your politics folks we all need to stick together and work toward defeating terrorism and improving health care and our economy.

All three are common enemies and if we don't all hang together then we will surely hang alone.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


So how many of you made New Years resolutions last week? How many of you have kept your resolutions?

The two biggies seem to be to quit smoking and to lose weight.

I once weighed 250 pounds when I was in the New York City Police Department. I looked like a cop. It had something to do with pizza and donuts. I started smoking when I was 12 years old. I quit when I was 34. I have not smoked in nearly 34 years and I feel great. When I quit I started working out and running every day. I replaced my bad addiction with some good addictions. I went from 250 pounds down to 160 pounds at one point. Right now I am hovering around 200.

I am also a Celiac so I am allergic to pizza, donuts and beer and that helps.

You all know this but I will say it anyway. There is no magic bullet. There is no pill or operation. The only way you can lose weight or quit smoking is to decide to do it and then accept that it is up to you and no one else.

I know two people personally who had bypass surgery and they lost a lot of weight only to gain it back again. They make a stomach for you that holds two tablespoons so you lose weight. But if you don't watch it you can eat enough to expand that pouch back to the size of a normal stomach and suddenly the weight comes back. How sad. How expensive.

I am also at that stage of my life to tell people to live and let live. If smoking makes you happy then smoke. Just don't smoke around children or other living things.

If you are happy with your weight then continue to be happy and don't go through the pain and suffering to lose weight.

Recent studies are showing that health problems previously attributed to weight are found in fat people and skinny people. We have a predisposition for certain things that we get from our parents and our ancestors.

Another way to say it is to, "Eat, Drink and Be Merry for tomorrow we will die." And as a former County Coroner I will assure you that you will die. No one gets out of here alive.

Friday, January 8, 2010


There is a part of my Sociology class that deals with the homeless. The author of my textbook believes that homeless people would rather not be homeless. Based on my own personal experience with dealing with homeless people I disagree. I think that some homeless people want to be homeless. It is a lifestyle choice that they make based on a cost benefit analysis. They are willing to pay the cost of living on street to have the benefit of their freedom. Freedom from a job. Freedom from middle class rules and obligations.

This morning I read an article about how homeless people are refusing to move to shelters with our current bitter cold. One fellow said that he was happy in his cardboard box and for everyone to leave him alone.

Of course there are exceptions. People who are temporarily homeless would rather not be homeless. They truly want a job and a warm secure place to live. Another one would be homeless mothers with children. They do not like their situation at all.

The people I am talking about are the chronically homeless. Some of the people were formerly in the military or in a mental institution. Both places where they could manage a certain degree of independence. Sometimes when veterans are discharged they wander for a while. When patients are discharged from a mental institution they stop taking their meds and refuse to go back to the hospital.

Some but not all panhandlers fall into this category. Some panhandlers are running a scam and actually have nice cars and nice homes. Lots has been written about these folks. But some panhandlers do it to get money to buy alcohol or drugs. Offer them food and you will see what I mean. They eat out the the trash containers outside of the restaurants sometimes on half eaten prime rib and lobster. How many of you could say that you eat that every day?

Kris said it best in Me and Bobby McGee. "Freedom is just a word for nothing left to lose." The chronically homeless have all of the freedom in the world and certainly do not have nothing left to lose.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Sometimes I think my head is going to explode with all of the discussion about the numbers of Democratic Senators and trying to keep a filibuster proof Senate. I say to hell with the filibuster. It is archaic. It is ancient. It is something that the southern Democrats invented to offset the power of the northern Republicans at the time. To make the Senate filibuster proof a party needs sixty members to vote with them. The Democrats have sixty when you count the two Independents who normally vote with them. With the decision of two Democratic senators to not run again the discussion is not about issues. The discussion is not about doing the right thing. The discussion is about keeping a filibuster proof Senate. As a voter and a citizen I am highly offended by this discussion. There is no filibuster in the House of Representatives so let's get rid of the filibuster in the senate. If one candidate gets one vote more than the other candidate then they win by a one vote majority and not hoping for a sixty vote majority. The only time we should consider a "super majority" is to override a presidential veto. Since a 2/3 vote is required to override, a veto-proof majority is 290 in the House and 67 in the Senate. That is very appropriate but not 60 votes to move a bill in the Senate.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


In Colorado they say that if you don't like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change.
It seems that is what is happening on the Colorado state level and national level in politics.

Our current Governor is supposed to announce today that he will not seek re-election.
His reason is that being Governor is not a good thing for his family.
He has one school age child still at home and says that living in the Governor's Mansion is not a good community environment as was his former home.
I think that is an excellent reason not to run.

Representative Kathleen Curry has changed her affiliation to Unaffiliated from Democrat thus losing her leadership position and her committee chairmanship.
Kathleen is a good friend and is an excellent state representative but I know that the Democrat agenda very seldom was the agenda of her constituents.
Kathleen is being true to herself and her voters.
She is putting their interests before the interests of the Democrat Party.

Senators Chris Dodd and Dorgan have announced they will not run again for the US Senate.
Their reasons are different.

It is funny that today is the first Wednesday of January and all of this is happening.
Not like the first Monday in October with the Supreme Court or election day being on the first Tuesday in November.
Maybe this will be a new tradition.

I ran for election eleven times and won each time.
I never lost.
But after all of that I got to the point where I wanted to live my life for my family and myself and to not have to take two hours at the store to only pick up one thing.

Yes, it is a bully pulpit but it can be a bully pain.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The National Western Stock Show is always held in January.
This year it is January 9-24.
Just around the corner.
There is a tradition where the weather turns very, very cold during the stock show.
There are probably people who show their animals at the stock show who think that the weather in Denver is always very, very cold.
This year is no exception.
The daytime high on Thursday in Denver will be around 18.
Colorado is on the western edge of the front so it will be warmer here in the mountains than in the city in Denver.
Today the overnight low at my house was zero which is not uncommon.
Most of you already know that there is a huge polar cold front that covers most of the United States and goes as far south as southern Florida.
The orange crop in Florida is in jeopardy as well as the strawberries in Louisiana.
My oranges and strawberries are fine.
They are warm and comfy in the grocery store.

Monday, January 4, 2010


A couple of years ago Colorado approved the use of Medical Marijuana. It is in our Colorado State Constitution. Most of our citizens want this law and voted in favor if its passage. I think it is a great law. Some did not. Some in high office in the state are opposed to the law. Some in high office have not hidden their opposition and have not supported what has happened since its passage. They did not create systems to make it work. They did not create rules to make it work. Without rules people make up their own rules. I think that what is going on is part of the plan of those who opposed the amendment. They have not put rules in place. There is chaos. No one knows what is allowed and what is not allowed. Thousands of users are being served by very few doctors and many providers. Out of this chaos will come very tight and restrictive rules that are not within the intent of the law. The opposition will get their way because the public will see this as a way to solve the chaotic system as it exists today. The opposition will sit back, put up their feet and smile. They will think that all is well with the world when it is not.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Waiting for what?

For you?

For them?

For it?

Waiting for it to start snowing.

Waiting for it to stop snowing.

Waiting for the snowplow.

Waiting for the mail lady.

(Mail lady? An oxymoron?)

Waiting for the day to end.

Waiting for the next day to start.

Looking around at all the others waiting.

Waiting for what?

Waiting for what I am waiting for?

Waiting for what they are waiting for?

In the military we were always told to hurry up and then wait.

I spent four years waiting.

Waiting for what?

The invasion?

My orders?

For tomorrow?

Waiting without a purpose.

Right now I am waiting for later in the morning when I can get in my car and go somewhere and wait.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


the President
of the
United States.

The leader
of the
free world
a vacation
in Hawaii
with his family
to relax
a bit
and to
the beginning
of a
new year
all hell
breaks loose.

The winner
of the
Nobel Peace Prize
can't get any peace.

Just about
that could happen
happened this week
and any
and all of it
the President's

I guess
he is
a volunteer.

No one
forced him
to become

Friday, January 1, 2010


I always hear
how we should
thank God
for each day
that we manage
to wake up.

In other words
that we did not
die overnight.

How about
thanking God
that last year
is over
and this morning
we get
a brand new year
without all
of the baggage
from last year.

Sounds good
if you say it
real fast
but unfortunately
it will never happen.

Time and life
is a continuum.

There is
a beginning
and an end.

and years
are simply
a function
of the sun
that hundreds
of years ago
was put into
an order
that allows us
to keep track
of where we are
in life.

December 31
is no different
than January 1.

We just
need to
believe that
it is
a brand new day
with new challenges
and new opportunities
and move on from there.