Wednesday, January 6, 2010


In Colorado they say that if you don't like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change.
It seems that is what is happening on the Colorado state level and national level in politics.

Our current Governor is supposed to announce today that he will not seek re-election.
His reason is that being Governor is not a good thing for his family.
He has one school age child still at home and says that living in the Governor's Mansion is not a good community environment as was his former home.
I think that is an excellent reason not to run.

Representative Kathleen Curry has changed her affiliation to Unaffiliated from Democrat thus losing her leadership position and her committee chairmanship.
Kathleen is a good friend and is an excellent state representative but I know that the Democrat agenda very seldom was the agenda of her constituents.
Kathleen is being true to herself and her voters.
She is putting their interests before the interests of the Democrat Party.

Senators Chris Dodd and Dorgan have announced they will not run again for the US Senate.
Their reasons are different.

It is funny that today is the first Wednesday of January and all of this is happening.
Not like the first Monday in October with the Supreme Court or election day being on the first Tuesday in November.
Maybe this will be a new tradition.

I ran for election eleven times and won each time.
I never lost.
But after all of that I got to the point where I wanted to live my life for my family and myself and to not have to take two hours at the store to only pick up one thing.

Yes, it is a bully pulpit but it can be a bully pain.

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