Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The National Western Stock Show is always held in January.
This year it is January 9-24.
Just around the corner.
There is a tradition where the weather turns very, very cold during the stock show.
There are probably people who show their animals at the stock show who think that the weather in Denver is always very, very cold.
This year is no exception.
The daytime high on Thursday in Denver will be around 18.
Colorado is on the western edge of the front so it will be warmer here in the mountains than in the city in Denver.
Today the overnight low at my house was zero which is not uncommon.
Most of you already know that there is a huge polar cold front that covers most of the United States and goes as far south as southern Florida.
The orange crop in Florida is in jeopardy as well as the strawberries in Louisiana.
My oranges and strawberries are fine.
They are warm and comfy in the grocery store.

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