Monday, January 18, 2010


From just before Christmas to this morning we have been having a ton of natural and man made disasters. The one this morning is that the government buildings in Afghanistan were attacked and blown up. The attackers had bombs strapped to their bodies so they shot their way as close as they could and then the blew themselves up. The issue was the naming of a cabinet to comply with sanctions from the west prior to a meeting this week. I think of the the saying from the bible, "Wars and rumors of wars." A little bit for everyone. Earthquakes and a corrupt government in Haiti and war and a shaky government in Afghanistan. We always used to say that plane crashes occurred in threes. Now we can say that disasters occur in tens or hundreds. When will this madness end? And for all of you conspiracy theorists, it is not anyone's fault. No one in their wildest dreams could ever make all of this happen. Unless you want to believe Pat Robertson and his pact with the devil theory. Maybe it is Pat Robertson's fault. (smiling)

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