Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Colorado State Legislature convenes today.
Hide your children and move your money to an off shore bank.
Actually this year the warning is mute.
The only way they can do harm is to have money or a source for money.
This year neither are possible.
They are not only broke.
They are very broke.
Way over one billion dollars broke.
In the hole.
They are broke because they did not have a savings plan.
They had a spending plan.
The rainy day came and there is no rainy day fund.
After they spent their money they started spending their children's money and then their grandchildren's money.
Maybe a fourth generation?
I think their agenda this year is to decide which programs to cut rather than what new programs they can create.
It is time to pull the collective belt.
It is time to go on a diet.
I even heard yesterday that they are seriously considering cutting the length of the session.
No money.
No session.
It almost sounds good.

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