Monday, January 4, 2010


A couple of years ago Colorado approved the use of Medical Marijuana. It is in our Colorado State Constitution. Most of our citizens want this law and voted in favor if its passage. I think it is a great law. Some did not. Some in high office in the state are opposed to the law. Some in high office have not hidden their opposition and have not supported what has happened since its passage. They did not create systems to make it work. They did not create rules to make it work. Without rules people make up their own rules. I think that what is going on is part of the plan of those who opposed the amendment. They have not put rules in place. There is chaos. No one knows what is allowed and what is not allowed. Thousands of users are being served by very few doctors and many providers. Out of this chaos will come very tight and restrictive rules that are not within the intent of the law. The opposition will get their way because the public will see this as a way to solve the chaotic system as it exists today. The opposition will sit back, put up their feet and smile. They will think that all is well with the world when it is not.

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