Friday, January 15, 2010


After five weeks of not teaching, school started again this week.
I spent the five weeks basically doing nothing so this week has been a real treat.
I have three classes with 65 students so far.
Three nights, three days, three classes and I get to talk for three hours in each class.
The energy level must have been high because I had lunch with Gary Severson at the Log Cabin in Frisco.
I hired Gary many years ago and a couple of weeks ago he retired.
Two old retired guys sitting in a restaurant drinking coffee.
A Norman Rockwell moment.
Get the picture.
We has just about run out of things to talk about and another old friend Jim Hudson came over and joined us.
That was good for another hour.
Jim had a stroke recently, went blind, had an operation and can see again.
He is almost 90.
Gary and I immediately felt so very young in our 60s as Jim relived the past 80 years of his life.
Later in the week I had lunch with my good friend Bill Wallace, retired math teacher, retired county commissioner and now county treasurer.
Bill and I were County Commissioners together and we used to slay dragons.
34 years ago Bill's wife at the time was my secretary when I worked in the Office of the District Attorney.
Bill also taught with my sister-in-law Anne at the high school.
Old times.
A new week.
Life is good

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