Wednesday, January 27, 2010


One of the main positive impacts today is our information age. It is so very easy to communicate with thousands of people with just one keystroke. But at the same time there are issues with telling the truth. With the ease of communication it gets easier to not tell the truth. To lie. To exaggerate. Some are masters at not telling the truth. I get several e mails a day that are out and out lies. Things that were never true but unfortunately people would rather believe the lie than to check to see if it is true. My best tool is It is a website that does nothing more than tell you if something is true or not. If they say it is true then they explain why it is true. If it is not true then they explain why it is not true. They even have a category for mostly true or partially true. The next time Uncle Charlie sends you an e mail about how congress passed a law making breathing illegal you can check it out.

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