Sunday, January 17, 2010


I watched an interview on a local Colorado TV station of a young student from Haiti. He had a warning. He said that none of the relief money should go to the Haitian government because it would not be used for food, water or construction projects. The money would go directly into the pockets of the corrupt Haitian officials. He cited relief efforts in the past in Haiti when the world opened their pocket books only to have the money line the pockets of the rich and never got to the poor. He suggested that non-Haitian relief groups directly provide food and water to the people and not send it through the government. He said the government would not give it to the people but would sell it for a profit. He said that any projects should be contracted to non-Haitian contractors from foreign countries to avoid the corruption. I would like to see everyone give as much as you possibly can to the relief agencies as soon as possible but at the same time try to influence where the money will go once it ends up in Haiti. Let the relief agencies know as well as your federal elected officials know to keep the money away from the government and to give it directly to the people. The priorities should be providing food and water immediately. Then we need to build water storage and treatment plants followed by modern sewer systems. Last but not least roads need to be built so the country can rebuild quickly. Haiti is on an island shared by the Dominican Republic. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere while the Dominican Republic prospers next door. The difference is corruption.

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