Friday, January 1, 2010


I always hear
how we should
thank God
for each day
that we manage
to wake up.

In other words
that we did not
die overnight.

How about
thanking God
that last year
is over
and this morning
we get
a brand new year
without all
of the baggage
from last year.

Sounds good
if you say it
real fast
but unfortunately
it will never happen.

Time and life
is a continuum.

There is
a beginning
and an end.

and years
are simply
a function
of the sun
that hundreds
of years ago
was put into
an order
that allows us
to keep track
of where we are
in life.

December 31
is no different
than January 1.

We just
need to
believe that
it is
a brand new day
with new challenges
and new opportunities
and move on from there.

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