Sunday, February 28, 2010


Posted by PicasaI keep telling myself that I am going to stop watching the news. Then the earthquake yesterday happened and I remember all my good friends who live in Ecuador and Argentina and that suckers me into the news once again. After nearly a day of watching just about everything I, once again, realized that our country is in chaos. The conservative, white, republicans are so very angry that a liberal, black, democrat was elected president that they are willing to destroy our great country just to avoid doing anything that might further things for the good of man. In the meantime the liberal, democrats keep moving more toward the center to appease the republicans. (By the way, I did not capitalize those words on purpose because it might lend some credence to the whole mess.) I have always said that the pendulum keeps swinging regardless but now some have figured out a way to stop it in it's tracks. The topping on the cake was Obama reauthorizing the patriot act yesterday. I watched a tribute to Howard Zinn on CSPAN yesterday. I know that he is spinning in his grave along with Paul Wellstone. Why don't they get it?

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