Monday, February 22, 2010


I drove 748 miles yesterday and spent the entire time sightseeing and listening to NPR on satellite radio. If I had been at home I would have not driven 748 miles but still would have spent the day listening to satellite radio. Actually that is not true. On weekends I watch Book TV on CSPAN II. With the Tiger Woods situation a new light is being focused on Buddhism. Yesterday on NPR they interviewed a professor of religion from New York who teaches Buddhism at his college. His comments were much the same as I have heard before. Buddha was not God. Buddha was a teacher. He taught peace and self control. He taught us to control our emotions and then to do good in life. (Very simply put.) In Tiger Woods life it could cause him to stop trying to satisfy his lusts and work toward loving his wife and children. For the sake of his wife and children let's hope so. I smile as I repeat what I have heard a few times in the past week. All golfers are unfaithful. All golfers mess around. All golfers cheat. All golfers are womanizers. How is that for generalization? Just remember that I did not say all of this. I am only repeating what the pundits are saying in the news. I am just glad that I never play golf. I think that what deters me the most is the saying that "all golfers have small balls."Posted by Picasa

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