Thursday, February 18, 2010


The humidity

inside my house

remains at

about 10%

year round


of snow

or rain


It will

go up

a bit

in the morning

after my shower

but for the most part

it stays the same.

But even without

the humidity

going up

it seems

that the cold


has been

much colder

than normal.

Not just

the temperature

but the fact

that it is now

bone chilling.

Goes right

to the core.

I turn up the heat

and it does not

make a difference.

I can

put on

a few layers

of clothing

and I am still cold.

I feel great.

I am

eating and working out



in my life

has changed

other than

the fact

that I am

cold all the time.

I have

a huge hot tub

in my living room

and maybe

it is time

to crank it up

and dump

copious amounts

of moisture

into the air.


sitting in

105 degree water

will help.

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