Tuesday, February 2, 2010



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After about ten years I have decided to make some improvements to my house. New window coverings. New floor coverings. New decks. New siding. Almost a whole new house for a small cost compared to the cost of my home. One dilemma I had was choosing a new color. Right now my house is beige with light green trim. I want a change. I decided a couple of weeks ago to drive around and take photos of colors that I like. It is almost funny because I virtually have no taste. Or as the old saying goes, "All of my taste is in my mouth." I like things that are bright so that rules out browns, greens and reds for the most part. I do not like blue as a color for a house but I have decided I like light gray. Very light gray. Almost white gray. I have decided that I like very light gray with very white trim around the windows and the eaves. So how bland and tasteless is that? Sounds just right for me. The photo shows the house that I like. I belongs to a neighbor. Now if I can only grow some Aspen trees to put in the yard. (Go to www.garylindstrom.com to see the photo.)

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