Friday, February 12, 2010


Bill Clinton had a procedure on his heart yesterday after complaining of chest discomfort for a couple of days. He had bypass surgery a few years ago and they announced that the procedure yesterday was a logical and normal event after heart surgery. We all remember when he was president that he would go jogging with the secret service and eventually end up in McDonalds eating a double cheeseburger. That kind of behavior will catch up to you at some point and possibly kill you. Bill Clinton has said in the past that heart problems run in his family. Not that I am talking about Bill Clinton but the biggest health problem facing all of us today is obesity. More than half of our adult population is considered obese according to the widely accepted "BMI" or body mass index. People are not naturally obese. You become obese from your eating behaviors. The old myth of being "big boned" just is not true. A couple of my friends have had bypass surgery and it worked for about a year with a dramatic weight loss but then they gained it all back because their behavior did not change. It is really up to you and I. We choose to be normal and healthy or we choose to be overweight and unhealthy. It is not easy to lose weight. Short of quitting smoking I think it is the hardest thing to accomplish. I smoked and quit after thirty years in 1986. I have weighed as much as 250 pounds in 1968 and today I weigh 198. My blood pressure is under control. My cholesterol is now low. My resting pulse rate is in the 50s. Both of my parents died from strokes. I feel great. I wish good health for all of you and especially Bill Clinton.

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