Thursday, February 11, 2010



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I heard a report yesterday about how the Independents are now moving toward the Republicans the way the Independents moved toward the Democrats in the last election. It is just a few points but the issue is the direction that the Independents are moving. Some of that is to be expected but some of it is not. When polled the Independents said that there were several reasons for the move. The continued double digit unemployment even though it dropped to a single digit, 9%, last month. Another reason was the banks and the stimulus money that they feel has abused by giving huge bonuses. The last reason is that the huge amount of stimulus money has not put a dent in the economy. The market dropped below 10,000 this week for a while. It was up again yesterday. I think the real problem is that Americans expect a Magic Bullet. Something that will have an immediate impact on recovery. People want something that will make them lose weight immediately. They want something that will cause them to quit smoking overnight. It is about the lack of patience on the part of the people. Americans have never been able to wait. They all want instant gratification. It ain't happening baby. Not in my lifetime. It is the dark side of human nature. If the Independents do move to the right and elect Republicans they will soon find out that the Republicans do not have a magic bullet either.

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