Thursday, March 4, 2010


I feel like a prophet. What I wrote about a few days ago came to pass yesterday as President Obama announced that he is sick and tired of trying to get a bipartisan health care bill and now he has decided to push it to a vote in Congress. This will force both Democrats and Republicans to go public with their support or rejection of health care reform. Their vote will be crucial in elections in November. All of the Representatives and one third of the Senators will be elected this November. Some will be elected or rejected based on their vote on health care. Regardless of how you feel about health care reform is it refreshing that President Obama is finally showing some leadership. Franklin Roosevelt had to push many things out of congress during the depression. Many were declared unconstitutional later but he got the country going again. Lyndon Johnson did the same thing with Medicare, Civil Rights and Voter Rights in the 1960s. Later he decided not to run for another term because of the severe backlash from his own party. What he did caused the southern Democrats to become southern Republicans and it literally gutted the Democratic party for many years and insured the election of Richard Nixon. At some point the president has to act presidential. George W. Bush did it on a daily basis enacting some very bad programs that actually ended up electing President Obama. I have always liked the old saying, "It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission." The bottom line whether you agree or not is that good leaders must lead. They are hired as leaders and not as followers. They are hired as leaders and not moderators or facilitators. They get hired to make the tough decisions. They do not get hired to be the nice guy. They do not get hired to win a popularity contest. As much as I disagree with his policies, George W. Bush understood that and it appears that now Barack Obama does too.

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