Monday, March 22, 2010


I know it is spring. My neighbor took his Christmas lights down today. Actually I think they have been up for a couple of years so maybe he missed spring last year. My snow in the driveway is gone. The street is no longer white and is now black asphalt again. Just got a weather alert that a new storm is coming in tonight. Those are easy to deal with as the snow normally melts as soon as it hits the road. The drive system on my twenty year old washer is going out. Metal on metal sounds. Not the usual splashing of water. You can tell the difference. I either need to buy a new washer or move. I suppose I will buy a new washer. I finished my application for a full time teaching position at the college today. Full time is 30 hours a year. I am part time and I have been teaching 33 hours. I guess I am already. Oh well. Might put on my speedo and get into the lawn chair on the deck before the snow comes.

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