Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have written a lot of poetry in the past forty years. Over eleven volumes. I used to write them on a typewriter and then put them in a three ring binder so I could store them all in one place. When I started using a computer in the early 1980s I put them on the large floppy disks and kept them in a file. Sometimes I would print out the poems for friends. I even gave one of my volumes as a Christmas gift one year. I then moved on to leaving my poems on my hard disk on my laptop until it crashed one day. Fortunately I had some fans who were keeping my poems as I sent them out every day. Yes, at one point I wrote a brand new, original poem a day. Their kind keeping of my words saved the day and now I have a printed copy of the poems as well as a floppy disk of them saved. That has subsided and now I limit my writing to my daily blogs. Sometimes my blog is a poem for the day. This morning on "A Writer's Almanac" there was a quote attributed to poet Louis Simpson who said: "When I write a poem, I don't know quite what it means. If I think I know what it means, I've got a bad poem. I want a poem to be beyond me. I want it to be something that transfers a feeling I don't quite understand the limits of." I could not have said it better.

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