Friday, March 12, 2010


A notorious gang member in Denver was convicted yesterday of murdering a Denver Bronco in a drive by shooting. The case took over three years because of the gang implications. The judge in the case had around the clock armed security during the trial and many witnesses refused to testify because of the threats by the gang members. We read about how the drug gangs in northern Mexico have literally taken over the police and the government. There are daily stories about how police officers are beheaded and hung off bridges on commuter routes to send a signal to the people to stay away from their turf. A couple of years ago an Adams County an Assistant District Attorney was murdered near his home by what is believed to be criminals. When you think about all of the things we worry about on a daily basis none of that can hold a candle to the threat of gang members taking over our criminal justice system. We need to act quickly and decisively to quell this threat before it is too late. No one should ever have to live in threat of their lives in 21st Century America.

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