Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am going to save you several thousands of dollars in book costs and seminar fees. The key to success is to find your passion and then focus on your passion and you will be happy, wealthy and successful beyond your dreams. Finding your passion is the hard part. All you need to do is start writing down the things that you enjoy doing. Also write down the things that you hate. Forget about the things you hate and start working on the things you like. And then pare that list down to one or two things. You can look around at the people you know who are very successful and you will see that they do this every day of their lives. It took me about fifty years to figure this out but it really works and it is free. You don't have to send in any money. You do not need to send this email to two hundred people. You just need to follow the instructions. Find your passion and then focus on your passion. I have read many books on this and they all say the same thing. Find the things you love and then focus on them and success and money will follow. After doing just about everything under the sun I found out that I truly love teaching and writing. So after I got rid of all of that nasty job stuff (by retiring) I started to focus on teaching and writing and I have never been happier or more successful. Try it. It is free and it works.

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