Wednesday, April 21, 2010


...are dangerous.  I am not talking about illegal drugs.  I am talking about the prescription drugs that we all know and use.  First of all the most abused drugs on the planet are the drugs in your medicine cabinet.  Our children are not buying drugs from the local drug dealer.  They are going to your medicine cabinet and helping themselves.  You know.  The sleeping pill that you take every once in a while.  You remember the percocet that you got from your dentist for pain.  You took one and left the rest in your medicine cabinet.  Either use them or get rid of them.  The second part is the hard part.  Never ever flush any drugs down the toilet.  They go into our water system and can screw up fish habitats.  The sanitation plant cannot remove drugs from the water so they flow into our lakes and rivers.  I read this morning how male fish change sex from birth control drugs in the water system.  By the way some of that comes through our bodies so we are not flushing the drugs directly.  We are processing them through our bodies  before they hit the water.  I served with a former nurse in the State Legislature and she commented recently that everyone needed to flush their unused drugs to get rid of them. Wrong.  The Colorado State Legislature just passed a law to allow people to turn in their unused drugs so they can be shipped to poor nations and be used there.  That is a great idea.  Get them out of the hands of our kids.  Get them out of our water system.  Get them into the hands of people who can legitimately use them.

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