Friday, April 9, 2010


a pilot being interviewed on NPR yesterday and he was saying that the past ten years have been the safest in history for air travel. He said that there was only one major plane crash since 9/11 and that was an American Airlines plane that went down near JFK. Being the paranoid that I am I started to remember all of the crashes in the past ten years. We had two or three at DIA alone. There was a big one where everyone died in Rochester, New York. You remember. The one where they found out that neither pilot knew how to fly and they were both very tired. Of course there was the miracle on the Hudson. Granted no one died but I do not think that a plane crash only includes events where someone dies. I will give him credit for trying to be positive and demerits for being a bold faced lier. Something about putting on a happy face and maybe no one will notice.

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