Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nature... in control. We are always so smug about controlling our destiny. Being in control of our universe. Being the smartest in the room. That is all well and good until nature decides to let us know who is really in control. All it takes is one stinking little volcano in Iceland to ground over 16,000 flights. Put everyone in the entire world on the ground or in some instances on the floor of the airport terminals. So much for our smugness. So much for our self importance. There is an unintended consequence. This morning on BBC they were talking about how the CO2 emissions have been reduced to levels not known in current records. No aircraft. No nasty stuff going into the air. The amount was in excess of 250,000 pounds a day. The other one is noise pollution. There is none. Total quiet around the major airports. I guess that nature knows what it is doing.

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