Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It all started a couple of years ago when Bill and Jill (real names) built a new house to the north of my house. They put their old house on the market and a couple with a young daughter bought it and started to fix it up. They replaced all of the windows, paved the driveway and painted the siding and trim. Then the family who owns the Mexican Restaurants who live on the corner decided to paint. They had aluminum siding that never needs to be painted but apparently they did not like the color. They also replaced the roof. That house was only about ten years old but I guess they thought it needed a new roof. Mine is over twenty years old and is just fine. Guy who lives behind me decided to remove all of the wood siding on his three car garage and replace it with new wood and stain. He also put new stain on the fence that separates our homes. I had a large deck collapse about five years ago and I had repaired it myself. That only lasted one winter before the snow made it collapse again. That was number one on my list for about four years. When I started calling around for someone to do the work I guess I got carried away. I ended up redoing all three of my decks including new railings. I also replaced the siding and had it painted again. Then the outside looked better than the inside so I painted the interior and replaced most of the flooring removing the carpet and putting in wood laminate. After all of this the family that started all of these projects with their remodel decided to replace their deck after mine was finished. When will this madness stop?

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