Tuesday, April 13, 2010


is still Texas. I lived in Texas for most of 1960 in San Antonio and at Lackland Air Force Base and Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls during basic training and Air Intelligence School. The word that resonates the most about that experience is "lonely." Being away from home at 18 for the first time in my life. Being removed from my friends who had enlisted with me who then went off to other bases for training. I was in San Antonio this past weekend to visit the family of my son's fiance. They live near Lackland and I saw many things that reminded me of my experience forty years ago. There are still some of the World War II buildings around the area and I am sure that I had seen them before and maybe I even lived in them for a while. I think that some things never change. I remember being in England around the same time and found the remnants of machine gun emplacements and anti-tank devices along the roads and fields. Artifacts of the past. Something that archaeologists might look at in wonder many years from now and try to figure out how we used them and what purpose they served. I hope that no one ever forgets. I know that I won't.

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