Tuesday, April 20, 2010


...coming home from our three wars, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan, and who have perished in those wars fly into Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for processing. That has gone on for many years. During the Bush administration the entire process was held in secret. No one was allowed to be at the landing of the bodies. No one was allowed to honor them when they came home. "Thank you for your service" was meaningless during the Bush administration. One major flap occurred once when a photographer got onto one of the aircraft and photographed the flag draped coffins and the pictures ended up in the papers and on TV. Heaven forbid that someone might think that someone actually died in defense of their country. When President Obama became president he actually went to Dover and was present in the middle of the night when the planes landed. He honored our men and women who gave their highest gift for our great country. Since then the policy has changed. Now the family can to to Dover to greet the returning dead heroes. I heard this morning that more than 75% of the returning soldiers are now greeted by their families at Dover. What would those 75% have done during the Bush administration? How did they honor their children when they returned from the fighting? The program is so popular that they are now building a new hotel for the families and have built a welcome center where ceremonies can be held. We are no longer hiding the sacrifice. We are now giving our troops their rightful honor on their return. I continue to be opposed to all three wars and still cannot see a purpose in all of that but at the same time I honor all of the military who serve and sometimes die for me in those god awful places. Take a moment today to remember them and be thankful that the families now have been given the right to grieve at Dover.

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