Wednesday, April 14, 2010


...must be a woman for obvious reasons. Beautiful, warm, soft and comfortable at times but tempestuous and ever changing at other times. As I grow older I think that I am more influenced by the nuances in the weather. If the sun is shining I am happy and if it is cloudy I am depressed. It really does not have anything to do with the temperature because a very cold, bright sunny day in January can make me happy and a very hot, cloudy day in July can depress me to no end. "Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens) has often been quoted as saying: "Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." (although it appears his collaborator on The Gilded Age, Charles Dudley Warner, actually wrote the statement). " We can't get the quote right as well as not being able to do anything about the weather. Looks like a very nice day at 9600 feet today. I can see thousands of stars up in the sky and that is always a good sign. The high today should be 52 degrees so that is tolerable also. Jose Lopez, my very good friend and contractor, will come by this morning, rain or shine, and put new flooring in the master bathroom. Life is good.

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