Thursday, April 22, 2010


...and years of allegations of sexual abuse by Catholic priests went unpunished.  Years and years of Bishops covering up the sins and moving the priests from parish to parish without any consequences.  In a couple of instances Bishops were honored for the way that they tactfully avoided dealing with the problems.  And now comes the Pope.  Now comes the accusers saying that the Pope when he was a Cardinal was complicate in covering up the problem.  Whoa Nellie.  Now we have someone's attention.  In the past week or so the Pope has now met with the victims.  Prayed with the victims.  Cried with the victims.  Now the abuse has officially happened and something will be done about the mess. There was a report this morning about victims in Mexico of one priest who was moved to the archdiocese of Las Angeles where the abuse continued.  Now two bishops in two countries have allowed the sin to continue for who knows how long.  One Cardinal even blamed the new social media for the problem.  Another Cardinal said it was because homosexuals were all pedophiles.  I think we have identified the problem.  It is narrow thinking and blame transferrance.  Why not say that there are certain men who are attracted to the priesthood because it is a great place to meet young boys.  It has nothing to do with celibacy.  It has nothing to do with homosexuality.  It has to do with the culture in the Catholic church that has allowed this to continue for centuries.  On another note a recent survey of Catholic priest indicates that more than one third of all priests have had heterosexual relationships since becoming a priest.  So much for a vow of celibacy either with young boys or older women.  I think the church needs to clean their own house immediately and stop making excuses.

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