Friday, May 14, 2010

Change... always good. 

I can hear 
some of you 
girding your loins 
to reject
that comment 
but hear me out.  

Change means
ending one thing.  

also always means 
starting something new.  

Old things are good
 for memories 
but new things 
represent the future.  

New things result 
in things getting better.  

 moving forward.  

No more 
of the same old, 
same old.  

New challenges.  

New goals.  

New objectives.  

New times. 

New places.  

Get my point? 

 I have never 
had a change 
in my life 
either small 
or large 
that was not 
a good thing f
or me 

We grow 
through change.  

We get old 
and die 
without change..

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