Tuesday, May 4, 2010


...live to please their owners.  Their role in life is to make us happy and feel safe.  All dogs are descendent's from wolves the same way all human beings are descendent's of black Africans.  Think about your relatives the next time you get angry at a dark skinned person.  The most dramatic memory I have of dogs is when I was living in Guatemala in 2007.  In my village in the jungle next to a lake made from an old volcano was that the place was crawling with dogs.  Dogs that did not seem to have any owners.  They just roamed and scavenged from the trash.  The really nice thing was, that even without any human controls, the dogs never fought.  They were not territorial.  They could eat at their leisure and could sleep at their leisure oftentimes in the middle of the road or the middle of the path.  The really bad thing was that there was dog poop all over the place.  My roommate Tony from Australia never wore shoes and his feet were covered in dog excrement all the time with some of it oozing between his toes.  In the real world he was an elementary school gym teacher.  I wonder what the principal would have thought of Tony's feet.

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