Sunday, May 9, 2010

Funny... life catches up to you.  In my mind I am still twenty.  In the mirror I am about fifty and on the calendar I am sixty eight.  I am reminded of the old saying, "Act your age."  My goodness what a terrible thought.  Act my age?  What idiot came up with that idea.  I suppose that works when you are a young person who acts twenty years older.  Not me.  I have some students who never smile.  They have a sad and serious face all the time.  When I engage them in conversation I get the feeling I am talking to someone much older. They take themselves and what they are doing much too seriously.  My good friend Jim who just turned seventy told me recently that he thinks I worry too much.  I really took that to heart.  What?  Me worry? To quote Alfred E. Newman from MAD Magazine. When you are as old as I am but act so much younger it is disarming to most people.  I can be standing in line at the store and have a very delightful conversation with a beautiful young teenager because I am not threatening to her.  I see myself as a young vibrant man when she sees me as someone who is older than her grandfather.  I am sure that we both enjoy the exchange.

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