Thursday, May 27, 2010


...going is especially hard when the weather turns nice.  Urge to go into the yard and cut or kill something.  Not many days of summer so I need to make the best of it when it is warm.  It has not snowed here since yesterday.  What a nice thing that summer in the high country is for all of us.  The fellow who did my siding told me that my Swallows would not return this year as their habitat under the eaves had changed.  I guess he was wrong as they reappeared on schedule yesterday.  I am watching about twenty on the wire above the road.  Looks like they are licking their beaks (lips) in anticipation of pooping all over my new deck.  I guess it is part of the cycle of life.  When you include the amount of time that we take sleeping, peeing and pooping it does not leave a lot of time to cut or kill something in your yard this very short summer.

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