Friday, May 28, 2010


...people have a reputation for reaching far back in their memory for stories.  Part of that might be that they only remember the things that happened many years ago and the challenge today is to try to remember where you left your glasses or your keys.  I have my own theory.  I think that when a person gets older they have such an accumulation of memories that some are forgotten and others rise to the top of the pile.  You know.  The benchmarks.  The life changing experiences.  The life changing people in your life.  The truly important things.  Some people like to use the metaphor of the brain being a computer.  If that is true even in the broadest sense then the computer and the brain can "filter" garbage from the important stuff.  Not that garbage or trash is not important.  Many times the most negative things in our lives become the single most important key to change.  A cause to change direction and possibly save our lives or the lives or out family.  Garbage can be an alarm system in life and warns us of bad things that have happened or will happen.  Today as I sit at my window to the world there is no garbage. No trash.  Only a blue sky and high white clouds floating over the snowy tops of the Rocky Mountains.  Life is good.

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