Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Scary... think what might have happened.  This guy goes to bomb school in Pakistan.  Comes back and tries to blow up a truck loaded with explosives in Times Square and fails.  He is on the no fly list but travels unimpeded from the United States to Pakistan.  He decides to fly back to Pakistan and makes the reservation on his cell phone on the way to the airport.  Pays for the ticket in cash.  Gets on the plane.  The plane starts to leave the gate when a Customs Agent just happens to notice that his name is on the manifest and the no fly list.  Lets the pilot know and they go on board and remove the bomber. The bomber confesses.  Talk about a cluster ****.  Now me.  A WASP, retired police officer and not on any lists flies to Phoenix last weekend to go to a wedding.  I get searched at the airport coming and going.  My bag is searched twice after I checked it. I got the little note from TSA telling me that it was searched and that is why it is no longer packed in some reasonable form.  What's up with that?  Why me and not the terrorist?  Something is wrong with all of this.  Our system is broken and it needs to get fixed now.  Immediately.

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