Thursday, May 6, 2010

Slow... days have ceased to exist.  Trucks parked on bridges in New York City.  FBI, TSA and NYPD all blaming each other for the terrorist getting on the plane after his name was on the no-fly list. The oil leak in the gulf.  The efforts to mitigate the oil leak.  The potential of the oil impacting the entire coast of Florida both west and east and then going up the shore of the Atlantic to New England.  The economic crises in Greece that is becoming an European economic crises leading to a worsening world crises.  People die while politicians talk.  Basketball teams opposed to Arizona profiling law.  Phil Jackson now saying that sports and politics do not mix.  Well Phil do human rights and civil rights mix with sports?  What an idiot.  The local elections being an indicator of what will happen in November.  The pendulum swings but how far will it swing?  Guns will now be allowed at Colorado State University.  Really dumb.  The people of the state of Colorado voted to approve medical marijuana by a large majority and now the Colorado State Senate is usurping the will of the people and putting medical marijuana out of business for the most part.  A good friend used to say that "Even a blind pig could find an acorn once in a while."  If a reporter can't find a story in all of this mess then they should leave journalism.

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