Saturday, May 29, 2010

Technology... a wonderful thing if used with restraint along with good judgement.  I own three computers and used a Blackberry for several years.  I have throughly enjoyed having all of that wisdom and knowledge at my fingertips.  I gave up on television a few years ago and now only have the basic-basic-basic cable.  That is fine with me because I very seldom sit down and watch television. I also went to a basic cell phone without Internet and without a camera and without texting. I have a digital recorder in one of my computers and can record just about any show that interests me.  I also use Hulu a lot.  Hula is a free site that offers free television, movies and music.  If I want to watch a month of South Park or  John Stewart or Stephen Colbert, it is all there for the asking.  That is a trap also because it is addicting.  You can't just watch (eat) just one.  An entire day can be lost watching shows that you have missed.  I sometimes wonder that if I decided to cancel my Internet service and my basic-basic-basic TV what my life might be like.

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