Monday, May 31, 2010


...we honor the warrior and not the war.  We honor all who have served and especially those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice.  The day was first started by a Union General who was concerned that Confederate soldiers who had died in battle in the north were laying in their graves without honor.  The Union General felt that, regardless of which side you were fighting on, the warriors needed to be honored.  He organized groups to put flowers on the graves of the Confederate soldiers.  Almost immediately the idea caught on and the day became a day to honor all soldiers who had died.  Over the years it became Decoration Day when flowers were placed on all graves including those who did not serve.  In some places it remains a day to clean the local cemetery and to place new flowers on graves.  In the 1960s the day was officially named Memorial Day.  Local ceremonies remain as a way to honor the military dead and their ultimate sacrifice.  We all need to take a moment today and remember those who served and died.  We all need to take a moment today to personally thank everyone who served.  We also need to remember that on November 11 each day we honor all Veterans.  11/11 the day the armistice was signed to end World War I.  Much the same it now honors all veterans of the military regardless of their service.  I personally would like every day to be Veteran's Day.

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