Friday, May 7, 2010


...if they held an election and too many people came?  I normally go to bed around 9 pm every night.  I sometimes wake up as early as 1 am.  Four hours of sleep a night is all that LBJ ever had and he seemed to do well.  Well if you do not count his heart problems.  This morning was a 1 am morning and when that happens I turn on National Public Radio to listen to the British Broadcasting Company and do a reality check to make sure that the world did not end during my four hour sleep.  This morning it had not.  The Germans are poised to give Greece a ton of money to forestall their crises.  The American stock market dropped almost 1000 points but now they are saying that someone entered the wrong number into their data system and that caused the drop in the market.  Lots of confidence there. I wonder if it was the same guy who failed to check the no fly list.  And last but not least to my point.  The general election in England yesterday resulted in record numbers of voters.  So many voters that the polls ended up closing without everyone voting.  Sound familiar?  Another interesting thing happened.  Labour lost but the Conservatives did not get enough votes to form a government so it put the Liberals in a position to become important in forming a coalition government.  I teach Comparative Government and I also lived in England for many years so I understand this mess. In England you do not vote for a national candidate.  You vote for your  local candidate and the party that wins the most seats or most candidate races becomes the ruling party and they get to form a new government.  The head of the ruling party normally becomes Prime Minister.  Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are three recent examples.  They were never voted in by the people to become Prime Minister.  They won their local races for Parliament but became Prime Minister because they were the head of their party.  The reaction this morning was almost too funny.  Some members were saying it was impossible and not true.  Other members were saying that it was about time to have a minority party having some control.  Other members were calling for a new election.  It is really up to the politicians to try to sort the whole thing out.  They have a deadline later this month so there is plenty of time.  The last time this happened was in 1974 and it did not work then.  Imagine telling John McCain and Barack Obama to sit down and agree on who is going to run the country?  Or better yet.  Sarah Palin and James Carville.  

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