Tuesday, May 11, 2010


...professional golfer was found dead in Nevada and they are investigating it as a possible suicide. She was a college star and ranked 44th on the circuit. Joe Biden's son was hospitalized today with a possible stroke. He is in his 40s.   A study shows that working overtime might be good for your pocketbook but not good for your heart. All of these stories were on my News feed in the past couple of minutes. So what is the relationship?  To be a professional anything takes a lot of time and hard work.  A lot of overtime.  A lot of time not for yourself or your family or your loved ones but for your profession.  You can work so hard that you will miss the one thing that you are working hard for.  You can lose your health.  You can lose your family.  You can lose your relationships.  All for what?  Money?  Fame? Glory?  Try putting your arms around any of that.  Try getting any love and affection back from any of those.  Sometimes we are too smart too late.

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