Sunday, June 6, 2010



do not function 
using logic 
or information.  

It is not 
about how 
they think.  

It is 
about how 
they feel.  

To sell something 
to someone 
work on 
their emotions 
and not
their intellect.  

I see this 
many times a day.  

People will spend hours 
trying to explain 
some complex issue 
to someone 
when the bottom line 
is not what they think 
about something 
but rather 
how they feel 
about things.  

Men have never 
figured this out 
and women do it 
without even 
having to practice.  

is in 
a woman's 

Women go 
right to the heart 
while men fail 
all the time
trying to go right
to the brain. 

Now you know 
why women 
are so 
damn smart.

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