Saturday, June 26, 2010


...was the single most detrimental thing that happened during the eight years that George W. Bush was president.  Yes, it was not 9/11.  It was a natural disaster that he or no one else ever had any control over.  For a few days after the hurricane President Bush continued to stay on vacation on his ranch in Crawford.  He left the dirty work up to Brown, "You are doing a great job Brownie."  George cut brush while New Orleans drowned.  Huge mistake.  Today President Obama is dealing with many major issues.  Some he inherited from President Bush and some have happened after he became president.  He is alone and is not getting any help from the Republicans. They can't even extend unemployment benefits to our poor out of work citizens.  Heaven forbid they might do something that could be considered helping the nation or the President.  I heard a commentary yesterday that explained that of all of these issues the most important is the BP (Not British Petroleum.  Give me a break.) deep oil well break in the Gulf of Mexico.  The commentator said that if Obama could solve that single problem he would go down in history as a great president.  Don't know about that but at least he is not on vacation cutting brush in Texas.

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