Tuesday, June 8, 2010


...is going to be with us for a very long time whether we like it or not. Because of the recent issues in the Gulf of Mexico there has been a plethora of information out there about fossil fuels and renewables.  If you want to believe the press then renewables are not even close to replacing fossil fuels and as we explore more and more the quantity of available fossil fuels seems limitless.  Take the well that blew up in the gulf.  It was down 5000 feet to the ocean floor and then another 2000 feet beyond that to the oil.  7000 feet.  Nearly a mile and a half.  All of that just to get to the oil.  But considering that there are huge oil reserves all around the United States and in much of the world available for the future.  I believe that change comes about due to conflict.  Conflict in this case would be the lack of fossil fuels that would drive the market to renewables.  Or the exorbitant cost of fossil fuels driving us to renewables.  My personal opinion is that we should stop using fossil fuels immediately and let that conflict move us to cleaner more efficient renewables.  It does not look like that will ever happen in my lifetime.

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