Friday, June 25, 2010


...friends are nice to be with.  Old friends can help you remember all of the things you have forgotten.  Old friends remind you of the good times and somehow have they managed to forget the bad things.  Old friends are like a good pair of cowboy boots.  Very soft and comfortable.  Something you can tolerate for long periods of time.  I went to the retirement party of my secretary from the Sheriff's Office today.  She had been there for twenty one years.  Funny. I thought it had been a lot longer.  I first went to work at the Sheriffs's Office thirty four years ago.  I think about half the people in the room had not even been born then.  It seemed as though there was several generations of police officers in the room.  Some were in their early 20s and others were, like me, in their late 60's.  Lots of war stories.  Lots of lies sprinkled liberally with moments of truth.  As you get older it is easier to not tell the truth because you can always  blame it on your loss of memory.  The sad part about that is the older fellows like me have total recall about the events in the 1960s and 1970s but can't remember what happened this morning.  I think it is the mind's ability to soften the pain of today and make the past even more exciting.

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