Tuesday, June 1, 2010


...starts for the summer semester next Monday.  I am teaching Sociology I, 20th Century World History and Contemporary Social Problems.  Part of getting ready is writing new mid-term examinations and final examinations for each class.  I have two choices.  I can write the test myself or I can use a computer generated test.   I do both.  One issue with the computer generated test is that some students want to challenge the question and the answers.  That is fine in fact that is great.  Lets me know they are paying attention.  Of course the problem with the computer generated test is that I have to defend the question and answer when I had nothing to do with their creation.  Put myself into the mind of the person at the publishing company.  Try to second guess what they were thinking.  Sometimes it is simple and sometimes it is impossible.  The publisher includes page references for the answers but that does not necessarily help. Of course I have the same problem with my questions and answers.  I sometimes sit and scratch my head asking, "What was I thinking when I wrote that?"  Sometimes I can't answer that question.   A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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