Thursday, June 10, 2010


...percent of our brain power 
is all we use 
according to many 
who study such things.  
Imagine what we could do 
if we cranked that up 
by one percent?  
I think that I 
spend way too much time 
using up my ten percent 
on things 
that are not important.  
They also say 
that ninety percent 
of the things we worry about 
(think about) 
never come true.  
What a waste 
of the ten percent.  
I wonder if 
the ten percent 
is true with Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein?  
Imagine what their capacity is/was 
in the grand scheme of things.  
I just finished 
my morning walk 
half of which was uphill.  
By the time 
I get to the top of the hill 
I seriously believe 
that my brain 
is functioning 
way beyond 
ten percent. 
causes the synapses 
to fire more often 
I believe.  
All of life 
is an uphill walk 
most of the time 
so I guess 
that is what 
keeps us going.

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