Friday, June 18, 2010


...War I was an interesting time.  As I teach each class I am being affirmed that history does in fact repeat itself.  The start of the war was attributed to the assignation of the Austrian heir to the throne.  Sounds good to me but you must lift the covers and see what was really going on.  The various alliances had amassed huge armies and navies with nothing to do.  The age of imperialism was winding down and nations felt that they needed to do something to acquire more territories.  We have big armies.  We have a need to expand.  We only need an excuse to start the war to end all wars so let's use anything that might be attributed to causing the war.  Heaven forbid that people might think it had something to do with the military. The assassination occurs and the war begins spreading from Japan and the south Pacific all the way back to the English channel.  Woodrow Wilson just said no to war and the United States stayed out for several year.  We only entered the war after Wilson was reelected.  Heaven forbid that someone might think that Wilson supported the war. The same Wilson who ran on the platform that he kept the United States out of the war. World War I has been called the deadliest war ever in the history of the world.  All because we had a huge military sitting around with nothing to do.  Sound familiar?  Think Iraq and Afghanistan.

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