Saturday, July 17, 2010


.and exercise.

We have been told for years that if you reduce your intake of food and increase the amount of physical exercise you get you will lose weight.  Now there are a couple of studies that refute that premise.  The studies say that if you sit on your couch all day long and do nothing you will burn almost as many calories as if you exercise.  Rats.  Just when I thought I had it figured out.  It does not say that exercise is bad for you.  It is very good for your heart and lungs and your overall health.  But what it is saying is to forget doing exercise to lose weight.  It does little or nothing for a slimmer you.  Of course what you eat has a huge bearing on the whole weight thing.  If you want to maintain your current weight then find out the number of calories needed to do that.  You can find it for you personal needs on the internet.  If you want to lost weight slowly shoot for around 2000 calories a day.  Not carbs and not protein and not fat grams.  Just calories.  Where the calories come from is not important.  You could do a 2000 calorie a day diet of M/Ms (my favorite fruit) and still lose weight.  If you want to speed things up in an unhealthy way then get closer to 1000 calories a day.  Not a good idea especially  over the long haul.  Now before you whip off a nasty comment to me just keep in mind that I do not make this stuff up.  Some researcher made this stuff up.  The report that I heard this morning on the BBC quoted scientists in the United Kingdom but there have been US studies as well.  Time will tell.  See you on the couch with the remote control and the big bowl of candy.

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