Monday, July 19, 2010


...what you love and the money will follow.  This is the title of a book that I first read many years ago and that I recommend to many of my students.  The basic premise is that if you are doing what you enjoy doing then you will be successful.  If you worry more about making money than about your personal happiness then you will probably spend most of your life doing something that you hate. According to many surveys most of the working stiffs in this world really do not enjoy their job.  They are doing it because they got on the wrong track and feel they can't leave.  They are doing it because their parents said they should and then they found out that it was the last thing they really wanted to do. Yes, you might be financially successful but around the time you reach 45 you will look back and ask yourself, "Why did I waste my life doing something that I really did not like doing?"  I have written before about the need to find your passion and then to focus on that passion.  The most difficult part of that equation is finding your passion.  I like to use things like:  Your passion is things that you enjoy doing.  Your passion is things that make you happy.  Your passion is your greatest dream put into action.  Your passion becomes your goal.  If you spend the entire week in the office thinking about how you would rather be a rafting guide then maybe you should be a rafting guide.  If you spend your entire week thinking about traveling and being in other countries then maybe you should find a job in another country.  I realize this all very simplistic but it is true.  If you see this in your life then I would suggest that you decide to change immediately.  You are not getting any younger

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