Friday, July 16, 2010


...and sons.  The older I get the more introspective I become.  I have five children, two sons.  My father had two children and one son, me.  My oldest son Eric lives in Ithaca, New York and is 43.  My youngest son Matthew lives in Denver, Colorado and is 29.  My father passed away twenty four years ago in Iowa at age 76.  I turned 68 in May.  What I find myself doing on a regular basis is thinking about what my dad was doing when he was my current age. What his health was like and what kinds of things he was doing that he enjoyed.  I also ask myself the question of what was I doing when I was the respective ages of my sons.  It is an interesting exercise to look back and then consider today.  I was always very proud of my father.  He accomplished a lot under daunting circumstances.  I am also proud of my two sons for what they have already accomplished and what they will accomplish in the future.  I have no regrets in life.  I am sure that I would have done some things differently but I also realize that my father had the same thoughts and challenges as well as my sons have today.

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